Your high-quality and low maintenance terrace made of durable WPC
HIGHLY <b>DURABLE </b>AND <b>WEATHER RESISTANT</b><b><b></b></b> your WPC application for a life time


your WPC application for a life time
<b>Sustainable</b> and <b>Ecological</b> PEFC certified, produced in Germany

Sustainable and Ecological

PEFC certified, produced in Germany
26db <b>Noise prevention</b> enjoy silence by screening off annoying sounds from outside

26db Noise prevention

enjoy silence by screening off annoying sounds from outside
<b>natural </b>and<b> multi-coloured </b><b><b><b><br /></b></b></b><b><b></b></b> enjoy the most natural wood and stone look

natural and multi-coloured 

enjoy the most natural wood and stone look
<b>quick</b> and <b>easy </b> save time on every installation

quick and easy 

save time on every installation

Why you should use NATURinFORM WPC

We create your favourite spots!


take advantage of longlasting colours and resistance to heat, cold and humidity
easy to work with

easy to work with

low on maintenance: save time & moeny; 
NATURinFORM meets all installation requirements.
easy care

easy care

easy cleaning and saltwater proof, no need for sanding or painting.


imitate wood and stone optics perfectly with the benefit of hardly maintenance


NATURinFORM products are completely recycable, produced environmental friendly and consists of 70% domestic wood fibre, PEFC certified


NATURinFORM products can be used for lots of different applications such as decking, privacy shields (fencing) with noise protection system as well as cladding with a wide range of colours and ...

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Care instructions

What is WPC
What is WPC

What is WPC

NATURinFORM´s Wood Polymer Composite (WPC), is the new natural material of your high-quality decking. The products made by NATURinFORM consist of wood fibre and environmental-friendly thermoplastic binding agent, contributing to a sustainable environment. This means that they are splinter-proof, extremely durable – and, of course, recyclable. Our decking is one of the safest decking options available: Not only are our decks incredibly non-slippery, but also very easy to install, and are extraordinarily low on maintenance. Additionally, they all have a beautiful wood and stone appearance. NATURinFORM offers a wide range of applications such as decking, Privacy shields (fencing) with noise protection and cladding. Besides, all of them are provided with full system solutions, from sub structure to finishing touches like edging and lighting. Enjoy your outside living space every day!
What is WPC

your design options

your design options





Thanks to the innovative rapid-installation system from NATURinFORM, WPC products can be easily installed. Would you like to learn how easily and quickly NATURinFORM decking boards can be installed manually? See for yourself and have fun bringing your personal favourite spot to life:

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